Teyana Taylor & Ex-Boyfriend Brandon Jennings Back Together?


Teyana Taylor and ex-boyfriend Brandon Jennings may officially be back together. Although we’ve yet to see the one time couple make an official debut, the hints Taylor has been dropping says, yes they are back on!

Back in 2011 the young couple broke up over Teyana remaining a virgin. How do we know? It came right from the horses mouth. Around the time of the break up Teyana revealed she had been dumped for not giving “it” up.

It seems Teyana may have changed her tune. She released the below photo with the caption, #Margiela #RickOwens type sh*t w/ my n*gga..”


What’s the big deal? When most of her fans replied back guessing he the guy had been including A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, or Jennings (all guys she was rumored to have dated) Teyana replied back with, “IT’S DEF NOT PUSHA OR ASAP.”

Notice she did not eliminate Jennings.

What’s more telling? The singer has also been tweeting and posting telling photos on Instagram.

Earlier in the month she posted this photo with no caption and faces cut out. However, the photo is of her and Jennings at the 2011 “Madea’s Big Happy Family” movie premiere.


The words on the photo reads, “Just know when you see her that’s me… Just know when you see him that’s me…know when you see us we are one”

Taylor also posted more photos earlier this month which indicates they were meant for someone special.

Here’s another one. She tweeted, “Thank You Baby. Love u. <3 :-*”Teyana+Taylor+Gift+From+Boyfriend

And back in January she posted this, “Miss You…”Teyana+Taylor+Post+Photos+For+Brandon+Jennings

It’s also possible Teyana spent some quality time with Jennings during All-Star weekend two weeks ago. Taylor launched her Adidas GLC sneakers in Houston during All-Star weekend and  Milwaukee Bucks basketball player was certainly in town.

They do make a handsome couple but not if it’s a good idea to rekindle a romance with someone who dumped you for remaining a virgin?

Although we can’t officially confirmed the news, we’ll go ahead and say it’s highly likely they are in fact dating again.

Good luck Teyana.

(Photos: Teyana Taylor/Instagram/Getty Images)