Tiny Checks Hater Over T.I. Cheating Rumors


Tiny Harris has had about enough of her haters spreading negativity about her and her husband and rapper T.I.

For much of the past few weeks, many media outlets have speculated that the married couple’s relationship was on the outs following a big blow out.

Several months prior, much of the same rumors began when reports suggested the rapper had not only cheated on his wife but had gotten another woman pregnant (See HERE).

It seems, now, some of the speculation has gotten the best of Tiny, who responded to a negative commenter on social media. Here’s what she had to say….





We’re not sure, but it seems Tiny may indirectly be confirming T.I. has been cheating and she’s fully aware of the it.

We think, perhaps, she shouldn’t have responded.

And although there has been no official confirmation as to whether T.I. is expecting another child with another woman, a number of reports have indicated the woman to be his long-time assistant Hanna Kang.

However, Kang herself has disputed those claims.

Whatever is going on with the couple we wish them well and shall keep you all posted.

Should Tiny have responded to the negative commenter? Why or why not?

We’d love to hear your thoughts Gossip Debunkers.

(Photos: Tiny Harris/IG)